Beaute Boutique Makeup-Eye Shadows and Blush Review

First of all I have to say that I am confused about whether I should say Beaute boutique or Carlo Di Roma. You see, Carlo Di Roma is the makeup line by the company Beaute boutique which has other products like skincare line and perfumes. If you want to purchase it at a shop you will have to ask for Beaute boutique products. Beaute boutique Eye Shadows and Blush I bought all of this on a buy 1 get one free sale .So in a trip, I bought like lots of stuff and these are only a part of it. The review for the infallible liner and ultra pearl eyeshadow will come soon. Eyeshadow trio I bought 2 shade; The first one is a neutral one with a grayish brown, dark brown and a honey color highlight [03 on the site ]and the second one contains shades of blues and reminds me of Alice in wonderland.[But I broke the neutral one so no photo][shade 11]

Beaute boutique Mono Shadow
Beaute boutique Mono Shadow left- without base, right -without base

The Good:

  • The shades they had were only 2 because the rest was sold out. But I loved both of them .So I got them both.
  • The price: Rs 185/-.For me that’s really good since a Lakme duo costs around 200 something.
  • The color payoff is really good. Also I loved the variety of the colors.
  • The texture is really smooth, not chalky and doesn’t crease or create major fallout.
  • The packaging is really good looking and good for travel too.
  • Stays on for 4-5 hours[that’s as far as I have tested]
  • The finish is completely satin for both the trios so that’s a plus.

THE BAD: I have to really scratch my head for this!

  • The lack of color/palette name. I love it when my makeup products have names.

THE VERDICT: This is a total love for me.

Would I suggest this to a friend?? Oh yeah, actually I already did. [Right, Kirti?]

So rating is :-*:-*:-*:-* + o.5

Beaute Boutique Mono Eye Shadow I bought these in 3 shades; Eye Shadow a violet one with slight silver shimmer[shade 047 on the site] Beaute boutique Eye SHadow- Violet A sugary pink one[043] Beaute boutique  SUgary Pink and a teal one with gold shimmer to it[022]. Beaute boutique  teal eyeshadow The Good:

  • The shades, of course- I love the variety in shades.
  • The finishes-the teal one has a satiny finish, the violet one a more matte finish and the pink one of course a pearl finish.
  • The packaging and traveling thing goes for this too as it is the same packaging.
  • Price-Rs 165/-

The Bad:

  • I absolutely hate the variety in texture. The teal is smooth. I would have like the other 2 to be the same. But the violet one is powdery and the pink one is kind of chalky
  • Color payoff- Same thing goes here, the teal one is good -the other two really bad.[I had to press really had to get the swatch to show upon camera]
  • Blendability- It is really hard to blend with other shadows.

The Verdict: This is like okayish.

Would I suggest this to a friend? Yeah, I would tell to go swatch it because some may like it and some may not. It is about personal taste.

So rating is :-* :-* + 0.5

Beaute Boutique Blush

Beaute Boutique Blush
Beaute Boutique Blush left- with flash; right- natural light

I bought this because I was so addicted with eyeshadows initially when I got into makeup that I didn’t have any blush at all. I had around 6 or 7 palettes of eyeshadow but only 1 blush and 2 lipsticks. There was only this color available at the store but I picked this up since this is color is nothing like the color I have, which is a flamingo pink. This a peach shade [03 on the site] and it goes absolutely awesomely with my wheatish skin tone.

The Good:

  • The color is really nice, a basic peach shade
  • The finish is completely matte and I am not much of a shimmer person I only use shimmer when I am using foundation, powder and everything as I have kind of not perfect skin and shimmer always highlights my flaws.
  • It is fairly pigmented but you can build the intensity, or you can use a cream blush or tint in a similar shade then layer this blush over it.
  • It blends easily, does not streak and no harsh lines are visible.
  • Stays fresh for about 3-4 hours then slowly starts to fade.
  • They come in really small packaging same size as the shadow. I don’t like my makeup stuff to be humongous. If I don’t finish how can I buy it again and again?
  • I have very dry skin and when I used to use my first blush it made the dry patches that appear occasionally on my cheeks, more pronounced. So I used to skip blush all together. But this one just smoothed over that and gave a smooth look.
  • The price: Rs 185/- all I can say is yay!

Beaute Boutique Blush The Bad:

  • I would have loved to buy more colors from this line. But no other colors where available. They should really focus on stocking stuff up faster. I hate it when SAs say: “sorry ma’m but we are currently out of that shade’’. This was the situation when I went there a second time too.
  • They have the exact same packaging as the eyeshadows so it is hard to locate if you have an extensive makeup collection.

The Verdict: Do I love it? Yes, yes, yes! I never thought I would feel this way about a blush ever.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Of course! It is pure greatness.

So rating is :-* :-*:-*:-*:-*

P.S. This is my personal experience. It may not be the same for you. My cousin sister didn’t get why I loved this so much even after she tried it. This brand and product has a lot of mixed feedback, mine is positive.

P.P.S. Shout out to Mrunmayee : Hope your Big day goes wonderfully and congratulation honey!!

P.P.P.S. the following is a picture of the stuff I got from the first Makeup and Beauty Blog sale. I got the stuff a while back. I wanted to put it up in the makeup mistakes post but I forgot. So here it is: Makeup and Beauty Blog Sale

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19 thoughts on “Beaute Boutique Makeup-Eye Shadows and Blush Review

    1. i know..i just went out today and i wore it…..i went to the store i bought it from and they have it there again!! yay!! but i just popped by there to ask if they had vega brushes -they didnt[ 😥 ] but i am thinking about getting this is some other shades too…

        1. actually it is available in ernakulam..but i have to go into the town and we just went to the mall coz we were early to a wedding reception and the cosmetic shop in the mall didnt have it…foundation brush and powder brush …….. mainly then i wanted to check out the rest of the brushes too and then then decide whether to buy or not buy…

    1. you can checkout their store in their site @
      there is a store locator..if it shows up as a page titled index of/ you can look at the titles on the side and if a your place or an area near your place is listed there click on it…

      1. thanks Fathima….I did think I saw this brand at the big bazaar close to my plc and i was correct…its available there…will check out soon

      1. oh fathima
        i had to gone to that store near my place
        basically big bazaar was the place on the website but they did not have this brand
        but now i shall go to the city outlets…thanks for tempting again
        very nice…..

          1. ya sure ….they have 4 outlets here in pune
            i went to one and they did not have it but i am not giving up for this blush

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